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This testing equipment is for the determination of finish durability to nonstick coating cookware by spatula.  Brushless DC motor drives the spatula will carry out the procedure of reciprocating friction onto the coating surface under applying specified load.  

Non stick Coating Cookware Finish Durability Tester- Spatula

  • ● The structure of the machine is very stable and the operation is user-friendly.

    ● Simple balancing lever design and will help users easily adjust it to a horizontal level. Users just turn the handle clockwise or counterclockwise to let the bubble in the middle.  

    ● Adopts the flexible fixture adjustment device, easily move the fixture to fit the sample’s size and fix it. It is for horizontal distance adjustment; It is for vertical distance adjustment.

    ● The machine has an automatic centering function. Before starting the test, the machine will guide the users to press the “centering” button.  

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