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This equipment is for determining the endurance of door hinges and is applicable to concealed hinge. In addition to this, it can perform the hinge torsion test. A test door, on which the hinge to be tested is mounted, is automatically opened, and closed under a specific load. Before the test, firstly check the initial torque. After tested, re-check the final torque. Compare the torque results and evaluate the torque loss.

Hinge Endurance Tester

    • Use the Propulsion system driven by servo motor, for automatic opening and closing of the test door.
    • Measurement sensors, which measure the positions of the hinges during the endurance test on pre-set intervals.
    • HMI operation let it easy to operation and user-friendly for customer.
    • Test data is capable for export by built-in printer.
    • Equipped with mounting point for testing weights on the test door. Users can add the weight based on requirements.
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