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This testing equipment is for determination of resistance to chemical corrosion by boiling acids, boiling neutral liquids and/or their vapours for the øat surface of vitreous and porcelain enamels. It includes two test zones of liquid zone and vapour zone, the test specimen will be placed in these two zones and exposed to attack by specified chemical conditions for a required period. The tester is of the movable heating-controlling device for test solution heating and boiling, the solution-condenser circulation system can prevent solution loss
and drying out at the process.

Chemical Corrosion Resistance Tester

  • Our special design that the chiller and the condenser tube form a water-cooling circulation system,  that the solution vapor generated during the heating and boiling process of the test solution can be condensed into solution droplets and returned to the container, reducing solution loss and preventing it from drying out during continuous heating for a long time.

    ● Special design heater makes the placement of the tripod of the cylinder is more convenient.

    ● Use the heat-controlling device, adjust the power to control the reøux speed of solution condensate and measure its amount in the 1ml-10ml collector within the range of 6ml-10ml per 3 min. Meanwhile, through tune knob to fine-tuning the power can make sure it’s up to an exact adjustment

  • EN 12983-1 Cookware. Domestic cookware for use on top of a stove, cooker or hob General requirements

    ISO 28706-2 Vitreous and porcelain enamels — Determination of resistance to chemical corrosion — Part 2: Determination of resistance to chemical corrosion by boiling acids, boiling neutral liquids, alkaline liquids and/or their vapours

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