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The chair castor and base durability tester is to evaluate the ability of the chair frame and casters to withstand fatigue stresses and wear caused by moving the chair back and forth. Place and secure a distributed 122 kg (270 Ib.) on the center of seat of the chair or chair base. Firstly, perform 2000 cycles over the obstacles, next continue 98 000 cycles on a smooth surface. Finally, at the conclusion of cycling, a 22 N (5 Ibf.) pull force shall be applied to each caster in line with the caster stem centerline. If no part of the caster separate from the chair, then it pass the test.

Chair Castor and Base Durability Tester



    • We use linear slide rails, which provide better stability and strength for machine operation.
    • Test Fixture is detachable and adjustable to accommodate chairs of different heights. Simultaneously, keeping the base and caster be free to rotate and swivel.    
    • The machine is equipped with casters for easy movement by the user.
    • GS testing system is available for parameters self-define. Satisfy customers tailor-made test requirement.
    •  Base Support platform is made of 12mm metal plate, and the anchors on both ends. That’s with highly sturdy and supportive.
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